Friday, October 16, 2009

Globalised View

Globalised View

Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon are victims of Zionised American Terrorism. Australian Values are a wonderful addition beside the beauty of Lucky Country! Jason Morrison of 2GB Drive, Is It You Frank? And Who is blocking me? Including Morons & White Trash are adding flavor!!

Which part of this document is offensive and why?, WORLD CONFERENCE AGAINST RACISM, RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, XENOPHOBIA AND RELATED INTOLERANCE, Theodor Hartzl, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Joseph Weitz, The 1952 Law of Entry, The 1952 Citizenship Law, The Law of Acquisition of Absentee Property, … are only a few examples to prove the fact that the Zionists were conspiring to create racist Israel long before Hitler's so called holocaust and they were also planning for the painful and slow motion Israeli Holocaust in Palestine. The English Text of President Ahmadinejad's Speech and An autographed poem of Jenny Nixon are not bad.

Gaza Massacre, Video: Gaza Airstrikes - Did Israel target School Children?, The US Army Document That Proves the US is the World's Number One Sponsor of World Terrorism, The Erosion of the American Dream, USA needs nuclear explosion to turn the world into dictatorship, "A Second 9/11″: An Integral Part of US Military Doctrine, and Helped run the "School of the Americas" at Fort Benning, Georgia, which trains Latin American military officers how to overthrow democratic governments. Subjects include the use of torture, interrogation and murder.

World condemn Israeli war crimes, Struggle for Gaza’s injured, 20 Basic facts about the Zionist Regime of Israel Regarding The Palestine Problem, and More horror from god’s “chosen” people do not bother them!

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