Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three Saints without Sanity!

Three Saints without Sanity!

Further to messages #9, 18, 21 and 26 below, it becomes a must to talk about three saints without sanity! St. Peer Lindhodlt, St. Michael Jools and St. David Bradly have been acting against the wishes and interests of the taxi drivers and travelling public. It has become clearer that they have been acting to further their personal lust and greed contrary to the community interest.

Peer Lindholdt started a Sydney based taxi magazine "Smart Cruising" and he received a warm welcome from all of us. Now he is running a national magazine "Cabbie". Over the last few months he went over the top. He is totally corporatised! He is a paid up consultant to Mac Bank/Lime Cab. He has forgotten the difference between editorial and advertisement, news and spin, reporting and manufacturing opinion! Lately a few people rang me personally and said, "I don't want to read the trash of Peer". My response to them was, "you are entitled to have an opinion and you may dump the Cabbie at the local rubbish tip where it belongs". Recently Peer crossed a bridge too far. His incorrect and ill-motivated attack on Phil Stanfield and Ted Hirsh in the Cabbie is totally unacceptable and deserves a public condemnation.

But what about Michael and David! Hark now. They too have become higher class Brahmins!! Their Mac Bank dream has caused enough damage to the NSW Taxi Drivers Association. Many members are refusing to renew their membership. Many members are openly calling for their expulsion. Now, I am convinced the fact that they have been deceiving all of us for a long time.

I always believed in "presumption of innocence" and given them enough chance to clear their names. Alas! They failed to do so and showing desperation day by day. I therefore ask them to resign. Should they fail to follow an honourable track could result their expulsion from the Taxi Drivers Association.

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