Friday, October 16, 2009

Arab and anti-Muslim venoms based on pure prejudice and bigotry

Manufacturing Consent in Australia

Insignificant articles like Paul Keating End of the World, David Oldfield to Jim Ball, Islam and Muslim Bashing and Australian Reporter may reveal the true and malicious nature of Australian society. Would you believe, most of the media outlets, specifically talkback radios filter out Muslim and Arab callers and then inject anti-Arab and anti-Muslim venoms based on pure prejudice and bigotry

Iraq is Peaceful and Afghanistan is Good! Yet, Stop the War in Afghanistan is exciting. However Crime Genes + Incest + Bastards = Australia, Racial Supremacy, Cultural Superiority and The Barrister and the Board of Director are good for historical entertainment. By the same token The Shame of Muslim and Arabs can not be ignored.

The Cronulla Riot Report is subject to law and order auction right now. Arab Killer Haward and Further Anti-Muslim Conspiracies goes hand in hand while the Racist Sydney Radio Incited Violence walks free and poor kid is the subject to law and order auction in Australia. The Force of Transformation, How To Make Nuclear Bomb and The Combined Numbness of a Nation are only a few unspoken subject in Australia too. So is Amir Lati’s great effort to screw father and daughter together! The Pine Gap Trial is an abuse of power and blatant attack against civil rights and democratic values. So is SURVEILLANCE & NEW ASIO POWERS. THE GREAT NUCLEAR DEBATE FOR AUSTRALIA : by David Brdbury is a concern for all of us too.

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